18 Undeniable Truths Only Rottweiler Pup Parents Understand

The Rottweiler is a service dog, whose fame does not always reflect the essence of the breed. It is unfairly believed that these are evil and aggressive animals that are capable of attacking even the owner. This is not so – with the right upbringing and training, the Rottweiler will become a true friend, guard, and protector of the family.

The Rottweiler is a dog designed for work and physical activity. Like any other service breed, it requires professional training and education. Then the animal will become not just a friend, but the most obedient and affectionate pet, which will be ready to give its life for its owner. It is believed that the patience and intelligence of this breed allow it to easily find a common language with children, even the smallest. A well-trained Rottweiler is great for the role of a family dog.

#1 Nice snack you got there ma…would be a shame if some of it happened to fall…

#2 Look what I made Momma!

#3 Milk-stache

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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