18 Pictures That Prove Pomeranians Are Perfect Weirdos

It’s hard to find a dog with a more adorable personality than the Pomeranian. However, one should not expect from this breed absolute obedience and gravitation towards a sofa lifestyle. Yes, this pet looks like a stuffed toy, but in the soul of the Pomeranian is a real explorer with a brave heart and an unlimited supply of energy.

Pomeranian is incredibly playful and active, at any second he is ready to rush towards new adventures. This dog is confident and independent, but its loyalty to its owner deserves sincere admiration. They are very strongly attached to their man, catch his mood at the slightest signs and often even begin to be jealous of the owner of others around him. But in relation to strangers, the Pomeranian is distrustful and suspicious. Thanks to this quality, Pomeranian makes good watchmen.

#1 Just a little happy bear.

#2 My size.

#3 Who is your baby?

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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