18 Undeniable Truths Only Scottish Terrier Pup Parents Understand

Scottish Terriers probably date back to the early Middle Ages. Their small size compared to other dogs contrasted strikingly with remarkable strength and tremendous courage. In ancient times, rats, hamsters, and other small rodents were considered the scourge of England. Scottish terriers were called upon to cope with them, at the same time to scare away badgers and foxes. Moreover, Scotland, with its swampy climate, needed the help of terriers more than the south.

#1 Energetic, defiant, often intolerant of strangers and other dogs, these are all hallmarks of the Scottish Terrier breed.

#2 These dogs need early socialization and acquaintance with other animals, otherwise, they will constantly get into various unpleasant stories.

#3 They can bark and rush at strangers and animals, and in battle with another dog they will not retreat under any circumstances.

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