20 French Bulldog Mixes You Didn’t Know Existed

The French Bulldog is an insanely popular breed that became America’s 4th favorite breed by the American Kennel Club in 2019. This lovable breed is known for being adaptable, playful, and intelligent, in addition to being extremely cute. However, in recent years, health awareness of this purebred breed, in the particular persistent eye and respiratory problems, has worried French Bulldog lovers and questioned the ethics of breeding these adorable flat-faced puppies.

You may have seen a few common French mixes, but there are actually quite a few unique ones that you may not have seen. Some are even classified as hypoallergenic.

#1 French Boodle: French Bulldog and Poodle

#2 French Bull Weiner: French Bulldog and Dachshund

#3 Frengle: French Bulldog and Beagle

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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