30 Little Known Animal Facts That Will Make You Smile

#21 Baby chimpanzees play with sticks and pebbles in the same way that children play with dolls. They imagine babies to be looked after.

#22 Rats and mice can laugh. In addition, they are afraid of tickling, which means that you can see how they laugh only by tickling them.

#23 Otters have a skin flap that forms a pocket. In this pocket, the otter can store a favorite pebble, which she uses to get shellfish for food. Some otters carry a pebble with them all their lives.

#24 Ants are very polite creatures – they bow to say hello. When one ant passes another, they nod to each other slightly to indicate the presence of each other and say hello.

#25 Once in Norway, the penguin was knighted and named Colonel Sir Nils Olaf.

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