50+ Best Dog Names for a Basset Hound

Everyone agrees that the choice of a name for a dog is a responsible matter. We offer you name options for a basset hound (boy and girl).

Names for a Basset Hound (boy and girl)

Ivor, Aladzhi, Anzor, Ada, Alana, Alma, Baron, Bryce, Barbara, Betty, Wart, Verity, Windy, Harold, Gedeon, Hera, Gerda, Jared, Jerome, Donald, Daisy, Jenny, Dona, Zlata, Caleb, Quint, Claude, Carrie, Linda, Milord, Martha, Nick, Nord, Nera, Oscar, Ollie, Renold, Richard, Rada, Reena, Sardar, Seyna, Tom, Tina, Wilbur, Flor, Florence, Hunt, Hildy, Edwin, Ethelwin, Elba, Elsa, Yust, Unita, Yard.

If you have not found your pet’s name here – write to us, we will include it in the list!

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  1. My Basset Hound’s name is Winston. I call him “WINSTON THE WONDERFUL” I would call him
    Winston the Wonder Dog, the thing is I wonder when he will wake up. He mostly sleeps day or night. When he is awake he is a ball of energy, I can’t keep up with him. LOVE HIM TO THE MOON, SUN & STARS & BACK!!! Here are some good Basset names, Sherlock, Watson, Holmes, Baxter,
    Abercrombie, Taylor, Wellington, most are boys names. If I ever get a female Basset I will name
    her either Miss Ellie or Mrs. Beasley. I like very dignified names for my dogs.

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