15 Interesting Facts About Basset Hounds

We want to know everything about dogs. Everything! But there are countless dog breeds, and each is a unique animal with its own story. That’s why we’re putting a different breed in the spotlight every week. This week you will learn some facts about Basset Hounds.

#1 The French word “bas”, meaning “low”, is the origin of the word “Basset”.

The French suffix -et means "rather" or "very" and emphasizes how low to the ground this breed is. Breeders wanted the short-legged Basset Hounds to be smaller and lower than the typical hound because their short stature makes them more effective hunting companions when pursuing small game like rabbits.

#2 All Basset Hounds have achondroplasia, a common form of dwarfism in humans and sometimes in dogs characterized by genetically abnormal bone and cartilage growth. In most dog breeds, achondroplasia is considered a defect. In Basset Hounds, the trait is essential and defining.

#3 Basset Hounds were not only developed for hunting small game, but also for working in packs.

Working together as a team, Basset Hounds hunting together in a pack can more easily drive a rabbit or other prey out of cover. This breed gives even non-hunting Basset Hounds a very social personality. Bassets love to be around people, children, dogs, and other animals.

Judy Taylor

Written by Judy Taylor

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