Basset Hound: Temperament

Basset Hound by nature is a real aristocrat, full of dignity. This impression is reinforced by a noble head, long ears, and intelligent eyes, reflecting all the sorrow of this imperfect world.

The Basset Hound thrives on the city, although it has not lost its hunting traits: endurance, pursuit, perseverance, and great scent.

The middle name of the representatives of the breed is Kindness. Precisely with a capital letter. This is an affectionate, gentle, calm dog. Compliant, friendly, sociable. Gets along well with all family members, including small children and other animals.

The Basset Hound is curious, but if left alone, he will sleep and eat. On a walk, he loves to watch everything. Contemplation is given entirely and completely, so much so that the owner (and his teams) cease to exist.

Basset Hounds are courageous and cheerful.

However, there are some downsides to the character of the Basset Hound. Stubbornness, alas, is fraught with difficulties in training. And on a walk, the Basset Hound will walk with you rather than you with him. In addition, this dog is able to get carried away and go on an adventure – alone. Therefore, be vigilant.

Despite the calmness and sluggishness, the Basset Hound still needs regular long walks. The makings of a hunter have not gone anywhere, they have not been destroyed even by the love of these dogs for comfort.

These dogs have a thick, loud, and bass voice. And for barking (as well as howling) no special reason is needed. Therefore, neighbors can be very unhappy.

The best host for a Basset Hound is a determined, yet calm and patient person. If you train your dog gently and persistently, you can get an almost perfect companion.

Sensitivity and a high level of intelligence allow the breed to capture the mood of family members and adjust their behavior to it. They are able to “read” even facial expressions, unmistakably understanding what is expected of them. However, he will not always obey – only if he pleases.

Basset Hound and Children

The Basset Hound is a very flexible, sociable, and friendly dog. He perfectly finds a common language with children, even with little ones. But this is only true for a well-bred, trained dog.
The child should know the rules of communication with a four-legged friend. Basic: do not bother the dog in its place, do not interfere with sleeping and eating, do not chase if the dog decided to retire.
And, no matter how confident you are in your pet, you shouldn’t leave a small child and a dog unattended.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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