7+ Most Frequently Asked Questions About Bull Terriers

Bull Terriers have gained fame as aggressive dogs. Seeing them on the street, people often go away, scattering around, but they do not even think that in this way they simply support the stereotype that has developed in society. We will try to dispel it and answer other questions about the breed in this article.

Bull Terriers are aggressive dogs?

Bull Terrier dogs are active and very sociable. Now, guided by their fighting qualities, no one breeds them anymore. They are now great companions. However, it cannot be said that all representatives of the breed suddenly changed, as if by magic. The pleasant and friendly character of the Bull Terrier is the work of the breeder who thinks over the breeding in his kennel, selecting dogs exclusively with the desired parameters, both in terms of character and conformation.

How does the Bull Terrier treat children?

Looking at this dog, it is difficult to imagine that it is capable of showing tenderness with its massive jaws and powerful muscles. Many Bull Terrier owners claim that their pets are ready to demonstrate their loyalty and tenderness to the owner with every act. By his behavior in the company of the owner, a Bull Terrier can mislead passers-by, who also want to stroke him, which the dog is unlikely to like. The Bull Terrier cannot stay alone for a long time, it needs constant contact with its owner. These dogs love children, they are great companions for a child of any age due to their energy and a strong constitution. Like many Terriers, these dogs are often jealous and should be taught to share from an early age. Without proper training, they will grow naughty.

Is it true that white dogs can get sunburn on their skin?

Talking about sunburn in white dogs is more likely talking about all kinds of summer allergies. They can be caused by plants and fruits, and pollen, and anything else. For owners of dogs that are sensitive to this, we advise you to contact your veterinarian. He will help to identify the allergen and prescribe treatment, or he will advise you to exclude contact with certain plants. But the use of such dogs inbreeding is highly undesirable.
Even if your dog is allergic, he should walk well, and in no case be restricted in movement. From his lack and poor walking, he can simply get sick.

Do these dogs need physical activity?

The Bull Terrier is an extremely athletic dog. You can do anything with a Bull Terrier. He is constantly ready to do something with the owner. You can run in the morning, swim, jump, play ball, or tug-of-war.
But if the dog is limited in movement, often stays alone at home for a long time, walks are only going out for 5-10 minutes – be prepared that your sofa or chair may one day be torn. In addition, the dog may develop health problems.

Is the Bull Terrier a guard dog?

The Bull Terrier by its very appearance will make the attacker think about whether to attack you or not. His grip is strong enough. However, this is not anger. Most likely, the Bull Terrier will react to a sudden attack with at least barking and scare off the attacker. Not everyone wants to be some part of the body in the teeth of the Bull Terrier. By the way, they guard the apartment perfectly, but they bark only on business – they are not inclined to give a voice for no reason. In any case, we recommend that all owners visit the training area. With a competent instructor, you can correct the dog’s behavior. It is unacceptable to teach this dog aggression!

Bull Terrier gets sick more often than other dog breeds – myth or reality?

It all depends on each particular dog. It would be wrong to say that all Bull Terriers get sick more often. When choosing a puppy, you can make a mistake. You can get a completely healthy puppy, or you can get a puppy with many problems: allergies, heart disease, joint problems, hereditary renal failure, and other diseases.

What kind of care does this dog breed need?

Bull Terriers love to be looked after. They often bring brushes or special gloves themselves into the hands of the owners. Skincare is very important. When cleaning, the skin is massaged and renewed, blood rushes to the skin, its keratinized particles and dead hair are crumbled. In addition, during the period of spring and autumn molting, helps to keep the house clean. After all, it is easier to remove wool after cleaning in one place than to clean the whole apartment. It is recommended to bathe dogs no more than once a month. A specific protective layer forms on the skin and frequent washing remove it, because of this, various skin diseases can occur.
Caring for the skin and hair of the home Bull Terrier and the show does not differ much.

What to feed the Bull Terrier with?

It is rather the owner’s preference that plays a role here. Someone is happy to cook rice, weigh and add special additives, vitamins, meat, fruits, fish to each portion. Someone just buys ready-made feed. Both options are good. But don’t choose cheap food. It is best to contact the breeder. He will always tell you exactly how to feed the puppy, what can be given, and whatnot. Do not forget that the breeder is more experienced in this matter, he will not give bad advice and will do everything to make your Bull Terrier delight you for many years to come.

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