9+ Most Frequently Asked Questions About Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retriever now occupies one of the first places among the most coveted pets. Active, good-natured, gentle – all this is about him. The Golden Retriever is known for its kindness and intelligence.
The future owners of this dog always have many questions, the answers to which you will find in our article.

How to train Golden Retriever?

It is not at all difficult to properly raise an animal and teach the necessary commands. The main secret of a good result that can be achieved after the animal leaves the nursery is a benevolent attitude, without aggression and screaming.

What and how much to feed a Golden Golden Retriever puppy?

Puppies are most often fed with super-premium dry food soaked in warm water. It is important for the first time to give the food that the puppy ate in the kennel. Up to two months, puppies eat 4-5 times a day. From two to five months, exactly 4 times a day. From five months to nine, 3 times a day. Never give the puppy the soaked food that was leftover from the previous time – it has already deteriorated and there is nothing useful there! In the evening, give the puppy kefir and cottage cheese.

What kind of bowl is right for feeding a Golden Retriever puppy?

For the Golden Retriever, a height-adjustable metal bowl on a stand works best. Set the height at the level of the puppy’s shoulders. Raise the bowls higher as it grows. One bowl should always contain clean, fresh water. The height of the bowl rack should be approximately 50 cm.

Should I give vitamins to my Golden Retriever puppy?

Vitamins should be added to the diet only after 3-4 months. It is especially important to add vitamins to strengthen joints at a preventive dosage.
Any vitamins should be given in courses, between which to make intervals of a month or two without giving any vitamin supplements.

When to vaccinate a Golden Retriever puppy?

The first vaccination is done at 8-9 weeks, then quarantined for 2-3 weeks. Then the second vaccination at 12 weeks, quarantine for two weeks. Why? Let’s clarify the situation now. With mother’s milk, puppies receive antibodies that protect babies from viruses. The first vaccination is done when they are in the body, but they are no longer enough for protection. And the second vaccination is done when the maternal antibodies have almost completely disappeared and, accordingly, the antibodies from the first vaccination alone are not enough for protection.

When can I walk with a Golden Retriever puppy?

You can walk with a puppy only after the second vaccination and two weeks of quarantine after it!
If you live in a country house, or you have a summer cottage with a fenced area, then you can walk there until quarantine. The main thing is not to allow the puppy to come into contact with other people’s animals.

What can Golden Retriever get sick with?

The Golden Retriever is in good health, but any pet can get sick. The following diseases are most common in this breed:
Bloating / volvulus
– dysplasia of the hip joint;
– true epilepsy;
– diabetes;
– muscular dystrophy (X-linked pseudohypertrophic Duchenne cardiomyopathy);
– hypothyroidism;
– ectopia of the ureters;
– eye diseases (intractable corneal ulcer, aplasia of the lacrimal opening, distichiasis, uveal cysts, pigmented uveitis, generalized progressive retinal atrophy, etc.).

How to arrange a spot for a Golden Retriever puppy?

It is best to arrange the place so that the puppy can observe you from there. Make sure that it is not in a draft and preferably not in the aisle, because The puppy at first (1.5-2 months) needs a long sleep, so if there are children in the house, then they need to explain that it is better not to touch the puppy during sleep.
It is important to train the puppy to the cage. And place it in place for the puppy. Then the puppy will feel safe.

Can a Golden Retriever puppy be allowed to sleep on your bed?

Each puppy owner should decide for himself! Taking him to his bed, he will think that this is always possible. And one day, having come from a walk, he will jump on your clean bed with dirty paws with great pleasure)))) Probably not every owner will like this, so it’s up to you.

Does a Golden Retriever puppy need toys?

Of course! and the more variety, the more complete your belongings and furniture will be. When changing teeth, the puppy gnaws a lot, the teeth itch, so toys for the Golden Retriever puppy are essential.

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