All About Birds: Cormorant (22 Pics)

#10 Cormorants are excellent swimmers and divers, they have an excellent reaction.

They can hold their breath underwater for up to 2 minutes. They also have such a quality as cunning.

#11 Often they drive all the fish in shallow water to make it easier for themselves to choose the specimens they like.

The life expectancy of birds in natural conditions is 6 years, in captivity - up to 20.

#12 Antarctic Shag

Length coverage - 0.75 m. Wingspan - 1.25 m. Weight - 2.5 - 3 kg. The plumage is contrasting. The back, wings, and cheeks are painted black.

The rest of the body is white. During the mating season, a crest appears on the crown of the head, and the eyelids and skin around the eyes acquire a bright blue color.

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