15 Amazing Facts About Rhodesian Ridgebacks You Might Not Know

A noble posture, a proud, intelligent look, muscular legs, broad powerful shoulders, a beautiful color – with a golden, reddish, or wheat hue, shiny coat with iridescence – this is how you can briefly describe the Rhodesian Ridgeback. You can also add that he is always very beautiful – on the move, especially during a graceful run, or when he is amusingly squinting from the sun, or standing still.

#1 Rhodesian Ridgebacks or Ridges have made the successful leap from African hunter to American housemate and acquaintance.

#2 Big and fast, thin and muscular, the Wheezes are legendary calm companions that rarely bark.

#3 The name – “lion dog”, the Ridgeback received due to the fact that Europeans used this fearless breed on safari when hunting lions.

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