All About Birds: Cormorant (22 Pics)

Cormorants are one of the largest inhabitants of the seas and other bodies of water in the temperate and tropical zones.

As you can see in the photo of the cormorant, its size can reach up to a meter, and the wingspan varies from 0.8 to 1.5 m. The plumage is dark, iridescent, with a golden, steel, or greenish tint.

The shade depends on the lighting. Some individuals have parts painted in lighter colors, for example, pale gray or white. The color of the chicks is light brown.

The cormorant’s beak is long, curved, not wide. The neck is elongated, the body is rather large. The voice of this bird is hoarse, cries resemble moans or muffled croaks. Gait – clumsy, clumsy.

#1 They are renowned fishing masters.

#2 The description of the cormorant bird should begin with the fact that, like all varieties of aquatic birds, this representative has webbed paws.

This structure of the limbs allows him to move vigorously through the water, looking for places where fish accumulate.

#3 Cormorant can dive to fifteen meters depth.

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