All About Birds: Hummingbirds (19 Pics)

#4 Bee Hummingbird is the smallest bird.

Its weight is 2 g. These crumbs live in Cuba. 7 cm is their maximum size. The largest hummingbird is even larger than a sparrow. So the largest one is able to grow by 22 cm.

Beak. Slim and long. The edge of the upper beak slightly wraps around the lower one. Like all birds, its base is covered with bristles. Hummingbirds have a special forked tongue.

#5 Wings. Arranged in two rows. The upper ones are 9-10 flight feathers and 6 lower ones, which are practically hidden.

#6 The legs are weak and have long claws, so they are not suitable for walking. This is the reason that they mostly fly.

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