All About Birds: Hummingbirds (19 Pics)

#13 Among them there are also those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, but migratory ones are also found.

#14 The color of the hummingbird is as unique as its size.

The plumage shimmers with beautiful shades. At first glance, it seems that these are not feathers, but precious stones. In the sun, they shimmer, and it seems that their shades are replacing each other.

Because of this quality, most species of hummingbirds received the names associated with precious stones. These are topaz hummingbirds, flying amethyst, fire topaz, and more.

#15 Hummingbirds live differently from other birds.

They are completely different. This is due to the fact that the bird even eats neither insects nor plants, but nectar. This is their main type of food.

Hummingbirds get it on their own from flowers. At the moment of catching, the bird hangs over the flower and this can last more than one minute.

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