All About Insects: Bumblebee (18 Pics)

#7 What are bumblebees doing?

They have a strict hierarchy. The queens lay eggs. Workers get food, build nests. Males are the fertilizers of the queens.

In addition, there is a trumpeter. His task is to wake up first and fly out of the nest. He wakes up the family by making special hissing sounds.

#8 If for some reason there is no queen in the family, her duties will be performed by working females.

#9 Any climatic conditions are not terrible for the bumblebee, but given that it is not a heat.

Yes, they are able to live there too, but not getting pleasure. But cold countries are just right for them.

It was said above how they know how to heat their body. It is also interesting that during warming up, with muscle contraction, there is a loud buzzing/humming. As soon as the movement stops, the body begins to cool down.

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