All About Insects: Grasshopper (17 Pics)

The grasshopper insect has a distinctive feature – strong, bouncy legs that help it move long distances.

In this case, the hind legs are used for jumping. The front ones are for walking only.

Today there are almost 7000 species of them. They live in almost all corners of our planet.

If you carefully consider the photo of grasshoppers, you can see a lot of interesting and unusual.

#2 Males are smaller than females.

3 pairs of legs. The chirp is emitted by the elytra, one of which is "bow", the second is "resonator". Each variety has its own sound scale. The ears are located on the front legs.

#3 Above, we have superficially explained how a grasshopper chirps. Now let’s take a closer look at the process.

The left elytra are provided with a membrane with a special serrated vein called stridulation. It is she who plays the role of the "musical cane".

On the right is the resonator membrane. For chirping, it is necessary to vibrate with the elytra.

Melodies, volume is different, depending on the type of insect. The sounds are most often made by the male. However, there are several species where the female shows her musical abilities.

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