Hawk Moths: Giants Among Butterflies (19 Pics)

The hawk moth is a large butterfly of the Moth family of the Silkworm superfamily. The name of this insect is associated with the peculiarities of its life.

#1 In the process of feeding, the heavy hawk does not sit on the flower, but sucks out the nectar in flight.

After drinking all the nectar from one flower, the butterfly flies to another.

#2 At the same time, the hawk moth sways slightly, which very much resembles a drunken staggering person, popularly called a hawk maker.

#3 The body of the insect is thick and fluffy.

Some species reach a length of 11 centimeters. In shape, the body of a hawk moth resembles the body of a hummingbird, which is why this insect is called a hummingbird butterfly.

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