All About Kyi Leo

The Kyi-Leo is a gentle, active, playful, happy, and affectionate dog. He is extremely affectionate and feels very close to his family. He is sweet and affectionate with those he knows and reserved with those he doesn’t know. He makes friends very quickly with strangers once they see you being friendly and easygoing with him.

All About The Kyi Leo

He is a patient and a forgiving dog who is not easily angered and who can be left alone for a few hours if necessary. The Kyi-Leo is a typical house dog that is calm and obedient. When you get home, he will be jumping around the house with joy, demanding a lot of attention from you. He likes to be touched and petted, but he doesn’t like rough treatment.

He also enjoys playing with his toys and chasing the ball. He is a high-energy dog ​​who loves to play around the house or get a chance to romp outside when on a leash. He loves the cold and likes to play in the snow. Robust and alert, he makes a good watchdog. Its keen hearing and loud bark warn of foreign intruders. He gets along well with other pets and dogs. Dealing with children also works well as long as they treat him fairly. He sheds almost no hair and is a housebroken pet.

Visual Impression: Kyi-Leo

The Kyi-Leo is 20 to 30 cm tall and weighs between 4 and 7 kg. He has long and silky soft fur. Its coat color is black and white or silver-gray and white.

Care Instructions

His coat needs occasional brushing.

Origin of the Kyi Leo

The Kyi-Leo is a new breed of dog. In 1950, breeders in the San Francisco, California area began crossing the Maltese and Lhasa Apso. This is how a pretty little dog with temperament came about. The name Kyi Leo only came about in 1969 when breeders got together and gave the breed the name Kyi Leo. Kyi means dog in Tibetan and Leo means lion in Latin.

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