American Foxhound: Everything You Need to Know

The ancestors of this brave and handsome hunter are the aristocratic French hounds, who gave him an energetic disposition and staunch character, as well as the English gentleman Foxhound, from whom he inherited his noble appearance. At the same time, he, of course, acquired his own personal “zest”. The American Foxhound is a rather tall and large hound: its height at the withers is from 53 to 64 cm, and its weight is from 30 to 34 kg. It is a slender dog with an elongated head, deep chest, strong loin, long muscular legs that help it quickly pursue prey, large questioning eyes, long low-set hanging ears, and invitingly raised tail. Its coat is of medium length, dense, and hard to the touch. In the color, the black-white-brown tricolor is most often found, although the standard allows different color variations.

Like all four-legged hunters, the American Foxhound has tremendous endurance, patience, and the ability to adapt to weather and “field” conditions. In addition to hunting foxes, this dog “specializes” in raccoons, possums, and is also used by “more serious” games, for example, a bear or a cougar. He works both in a pack and in splendid isolation, although many representatives of this breed prefer to hunt in the company of their “colleagues”. It is worth noting the voice of this agile daredevil: it is very ringing and melodious, with various shades and beautiful tints. The Foxhound is balanced and obedient, but his character can become wayward and obstinate if from childhood you do not devote enough time and patience to raising and training him and treating him like a domestic decorative dog. If you cannot cope with a naughty dog ​​yourself – give it to “outsource” to a specialist. Your pet will get along well with children, whom he simply adores, but if you have animals in your house, then they are unlikely to cause him delight and warm feelings: although he will not show aggression towards them, he will be wary at first. This dog is unpretentious to living conditions, but it is still advisable to keep him in a house with a large plot in order to provide him with comfort and space for outdoor games (do not forget that he is very energetic and loves to run, so he needs regular physical activity). Today, in its homeland, the Foxhound is used both as a hound for competitive field trials, and as a hound for armory or group hunting for foxes, and as a hound for searching for a game on the trail, and some representatives of this breed are also bred for participation in exhibitions. Depending on their “specialization” in Foxhound they develop the necessary skills and qualities for a particular activity.

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