American Toy Fox Terrier: Everything You Need to Know

It seems that this little dog is a real bundle of energy: he is always hyperactive, cheerful, and happy with life. This creature, running around the house and poking its curious nose into all interesting places, every day will make you wonder at his antics and make you smile, even when you should punish him – after all, it is simply impossible to be angry and offended at him. Although if you are tired after a hard day and spend the whole evening on the couch in front of the TV, your pet will happily lie next to you and will not bother you.

The American Toy Fox Terrier is a miniature decorative doggie with a height of 24-25 cm at the withers and weighing from 1.5 to 3.5 kg. He has a graceful but strong constitution, slender legs, a small head with large, standing ears and large dark eyes, and a smooth glossy coat, unpretentious to care for. The color of these “toy” dogs is usually tricolor: white-black with tan markings, black-and-white and red-white colors are also allowed by the standard. The American Toy Fox Terrier was bred in the USA in 1936 by crossing small smooth-haired Fox Terriers of the best selection, and at the final stage, English Toy Terriers and Mexican Chihuahuas took part in the creation of the breed. This little dog easily does everything that is wanted of him and adores him when he is praised for obedience and diligence. He will be happy to learn something new and interesting every day, and with special training, he will be able to become an excellent companion and assistant for deaf people, recognizing, for example, sounds such as a phone call or a doorbell ringing and pointing to the source of the sound. This kid, with his seeming frivolity and infantilism, is very strong and hardy, and give him free rein – he will hunt rats or chase agile squirrels with joy and great excitement. The American Toy Terrier is very unpretentious in everyday life, so a small apartment will be enough for him for his dog games. But for him long walking walks are very important, so do not rush to drive him home – he himself will let you know when he will walk up. Of course, long walks in rainy or cold weather are undesirable – these creatures do not tolerate either strong humidity or cold, so for winter walks, be sure to buy him a warm fashionable coat. This baby is a well-known little one, moreover, unpretentious in food, but when feeding your little pet, keep in mind that some representatives of this breed are allergic to beets and wheat. From early childhood, show your pet who is the boss in the house (of course, not with the help of force and rudeness), otherwise, he will easily sit on your neck and consider himself the head of the family – and then you can hardly convince him of this.

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