American Hairless Terrier: Everything You Need to Know

Perhaps, due to the lack of traditional hair, this decorative dog will seem less attractive to someone than its fluffy counterparts, but there will certainly be those to whom this little creature with a gentle and warm skin will seem like a defenseless child who wants to be cuddled and warmed. And you really need to look after dogs of this breed almost like for children: in the summer you need to smear them with sunscreen or put on special dog clothes to protect them from the sun’s rays, which can harm their delicate skin. And for winter walks, warm overalls and footwear are required – otherwise, your pet may catch a cold. And of course, you should bathe your pet at least once a week, otherwise, it will go grimy: after all, in the absence of wool, the skin becomes dirty quickly enough.

By the way, if something scares this doggie, his thin skin will be covered with sweat, so do not create stressful situations for your pet. This miracle of nature was born by accident: in 1972, in the state of Louisiana, one of the puppies of the noble Rat Terrier was born completely without hair! The breeders and part-time spouses Willie and Edwin Scott decided to study this phenomenon and continue breeding a new breed. As a result, after a few years, they managed to breed a purebred American Hairless Terrier. These miniature dogs weigh from 3 to 6 kg, and their height at the withers is from 25 to 36 cm. They look like their ancestors – Rat terriers: they have well-developed muscles, a wedge-shaped muzzle, erect or slightly inclined ears, strong shoulders and legs, deep chest. Puppies of this breed are born with soft fur covering the whole body, and they become naked only at 6-8 weeks. And what a variety of “skin” colors are found in these babies – they are black and white, and brown and tan, and pink with gray, black, or red spots (this color is found most often). The eyes of this unique breed of dog are also unusual – set obliquely and seeming to be slightly convex. This cheerful kid is always open to everything new and interesting. Teach him any trick that he doesn’t know yet, and he will be infinitely happy that he has managed to master it. He is incredibly active and loves to be in the spotlight, and he is also capable of making friends with anyone – even a cat. He could successfully hunt rats, but he should not be allowed to do this, however, just like engaging in fights with four-legged fellows on walks – his thin delicate skin can suffer greatly from this. Therefore, it is better to suppress his hunting instinct with outdoor games. The facial expressions of this touching creature deserve special attention: they are so diverse and expressive that any actor will envy him. After all, the American bald terrier can express surprise, delight, joy and can even give you his smile, of course, if he is in a good mood. Well, if he is unhappy, he will just make a displeased grimace at you. Recently, however, these funny creatures have become popular in Belgium, Germany, Sweden, England, Finland and Japan, and other countries, and their fans hope that the breed will soon be recognized internationally.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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