Are Grapes Poisonous and Toxic to Cats?

What foods can cats eat? And which definitely not? Questions that every cat lover inevitably faces again and again. With grapes and raisins, things look bad for the cheeky house tigers.

Grapes and Raisins are Dangerous for Cats

  • Grapes and raisins are poisonous to cats;
  • They lead to kidney failure;
  • Poisoning can lead to death;
  • At the first suspicion, a veterinarian should be consulted immediately.

Are Grapes and Raisins Poisonous to Cats?

Grapes and raisins are delicious and healthy – at least for us humans! For cats and dogs, however, they represent a great danger. They have a toxic effect on the body of pets. Consumption of the food leads to kidney failure even in small amounts – and the course is often fatal. Due to their mostly low body weight, cats are, particularly at risk. Even small amounts can have a highly toxic effect. This applies not only to the grape itself but also to the dried version, the raisin.

From how many raisins and grapes does it become dangerous?

The rule of thumb here is:

The toxic limit is exceeded from ten grams of raisins or grapes per kilogram of body weight.

That corresponds to about 2.6 raisins per kilogram. So the cat only ate two or three raisins? In that case, there is still no danger.

Cats and Grapes: What are the Symptoms?

The first signs of grape and raisin poisoning appear after a few hours. The gastrointestinal tract is particularly affected. Vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain occur. In addition, the urea and creatinine levels in the blood increase. There is successively a concentration of superfluous salts in the body because the kidney tissue no longer works properly. Little by little, kidney failure occurs, which is ultimately fatal. If the cat has eaten grapes or raisins, a veterinarian should be consulted immediately.

Be Careful With Sweets Too!

What cat owners often watch out for in everyday life is an advantage in this case: The little fur noses are extremely picky – and they love meat! The likelihood that you will mess with a bag of raisins is therefore not very high. But it looks different with so-called chocolate raisins. This popular snack is chocolate-coated raisins. And cats love that! Chocolate is highly toxic to our cats, however. So if you like to nibble chocolate raisins in front of the TV in the evening, you should stow the bag neatly afterward. Or empty them completely right away.

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