Artois Hound: Everything You Need to Know

Search, run, sniff out, chase – this is the vocation of this active and efficient hunter, so he is unlikely to be happy, leading an idle lifestyle in an ordinary city apartment. This noble bloodhound comes from northern France – the province of Artois, where he was born in the 15th century, and his ancestor is considered the ancestor of the Bloodhound – the dog of St. Hubert. First, the bred breed received the name Briquet (translated from French – “small Braque”), and the Artois hounds were also called Picars. In the 16th – 17th centuries, the Artois hound was at the peak of popularity in France and was considered the best breed for hunting a hare.

But besides the hare, this brave dog is in the teeth and big game – a fox, roe deer, and even a wild boar or wolf. Artois hounds were used mainly for parfors hunting (a type of horse hunting, when hounds chase the game until it is exhausted). They work mainly in a pack of 6-8 dogs, but they are quite self-sufficient as a lone hunter. This hardy and strong dog has a wonderful scent and a sonorous voice, and besides, it knows how to work in any weather and in difficult natural conditions – it can get through even the most impassable thickets. In the 19th century, these dogs began to be crossed with English breeds, as a result of which the purebred Artois hound was on the verge of extinction, but a group of enthusiastic canine handlers managed to restore the breed from old images and descriptions in the literature. The breed is popular in its homeland, but practically unknown in other countries. To date, the number of these dogs is small and breeders are very careful about their purebredity. The Artois Hound is a dog of a strong muscular constitution, with a long body and a strong loin, it has a wide head with cute folds on the muzzle, wide, low-set hanging ears and a half-ring-shaped tail set at the level of the back. The coat of these natives of Artois is smooth and dense, of a beautiful tricolor color: white combined with auburn and black, while the head of these dogs is always red, sometimes with darkening. The height at the withers of these noble bloodhounds ranges from 51 to 59 cm, weight – from 18 to 24 kg. This dog is very sociable and active, like most hunting dogs, and on the street, its activity increases significantly. Your pet will always encourage all types of physical activity and will happily accompany you in any of them: be it running, cycling, going out into nature, or sporting a hike in the mountains. And the playful nature of the Artois hound makes it an excellent companion for children’s games. This four-legged friend of man is completely non-aggressive, so it is unlikely that a stern watchman will work out of her, although she will regularly and with pleasure drive away other people’s dogs. In childhood and adolescence, this hunter can be stubborn, so be patient with her education and training.

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Written by Alice White

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