Asia and its 6 Best Diving Reefs

The most popular among divers around the world are the unique reefs that are located in Asia. According to CNN experts, who have compiled a list of the six most beautiful reefs.

Kerama Islands, Okinawa: These islands in Japan have 76 sites that are good for diving. The Akajma Marine Science Laboratory has developed Japan’s best coral reef protection system. In these places, divers can observe rare species of fish and molluscs called Cuttlefish.

Sipadan Island, Malaysia. The main feature of this island is a limestone underwater cave with numerous tunnels and a turtle cemetery.

Similan Island, Thailand. On this island, you can enjoy the picturesque underwater world, as well as see the clownfish.

Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar. There are eight hundred absolutely uninhabited islands here. It is very popular with divers who explore and explore its tunnels, hollows, and caves.

Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia. In this area there is an opportunity to see the most diverse fish in the world – there are approximately one thousand seventy-four species and corals – five hundred three hundred and seven species.

Komodo Island, Indonesia. Even seasoned divers will be amazed by the beauty of the deep sea. There are many very rare fish and dolphins here.

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