Basset Hound Training

Basset Hounds are friendly and carefree dogs. Since they originally hunted in groups, they tend to get along with other dogs and pets. Bassetts are people-oriented and get along well with children. They are quite intelligent dogs that are not easy to train as they are stubborn. Unleashing the best qualities of these dogs requires solid character, patience, and creativity. Bassetts can bark frequently, and they also have strong feet and claws and love to dig. They have a rather strong need for hunting, and if they are not reliably held in a confined space, they can leave to hunt on their own.

Basset Hound Training Tips

Basset Hounds are in dire need of training. But training a Basset Hound is a tough job! Long years of free life contributed to the fact that Basset Hounds grew like grass on the road. This dog is satisfied with its independence and obstinacy, and it does not understand at all why you need to change something.

However, it is very easy to lose an ill-bred dog. And in principle, it is more pleasant to live under the same roof with a dog, which listens not only to itself but also to the opinions of others. Stubbornness and willfulness can only be corrected with love, patience, and constant training.

What Can You Teach a Basset Hound?

It is clear that you cannot turn a dog into a protector or guard against will (and the Basset Hound does not show such a desire at all), but it is highly desirable to instill basic obedience skills in order to make a life together comfortable.

The most important command for the breed is “Come to me!” In second place is “Near”. This will help not to lose the dog on a walk, because, being carried away by something, the pet forgets about everything, including, alas, you.

But even knowing the command does not guarantee its implementation. It happens that the already learned command annoys the basset hound, and he flatly refuses to follow it. Rebuild, come up with a task to which your pet will respond positively. It is impossible to irritate and punish these dogs – they are touchy and will certainly demonstrate this.

Basset Hound Training Principles

Without patience and a fair amount of optimism, difficulties can await you. You will have to overreact your pet, show ingenuity in order to interest him.
Don’t try to teach the basset hound everything at once. Act gradually. Do not dwell on one task for more than 5 – 10 minutes.

As a rule, those who achieved at least some success in training a Basset Hound started looking for a key to the puppy from a very young age, constantly inventing new tricks and diversifying the games.

It is good if you have another dog, an adult, and well-bred. The Basset Hound can adopt good habits and rules of behavior by imitating a more experienced and intelligent comrade.

You should persistently and gradually train your pet to be alone. Otherwise, he will become the saddest dog in the world. And will plague the neighbors with plaintive crying. And his voice is very loud. A good way out is to keep two dogs that will keep each other company.

Basset Hound is not easy to train, so before purchasing this dog, think again, and again: will you have enough determination, patience, and firmness?

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