Become The Best Cat Owner With These 5 tips

Everyone knows that having kids is costly and comes with a life-changing, long-term commitment, and bringing home a new fur baby is no different. They need undivided attention from their owner.

Although cats have gained the reputation of being independent compared to their canine friends, they still require effort, time, and money. 

Therefore, please do your homework, and study the cat breeds, their behavior, and their history before you adopt one. Make sure that your home is welcoming to them. 

How can you turn your dwelling into a cat-friendly home?

Keep reading, as this article will provide you with the checklist that every first-time cat owner must know.

Create a Comforting Zone

Create a space for your cat wherein you put a comfy, enclosed bed so she can hide and snuggle. Place a couple of toys and a soft fleece blanket. Cats love catnip, olive, and thyme scents; you can use a diffuser to create a calming effect around the cat.

Design a cat house and set up cat scratchers to help them remove the dead outer layer of their claws. It eases stress and fills them with happiness.

Build a Rapport with the Vet

Find your cat a good veterinarian. They provide top-quality service protecting the health of animals. Moreover, scheduling regular check-ups, making sure all the vaccines are up-to-date,  and annual examinations are a must. 

In addition, vets can help you extend your pet’s life. For instance, veterinarians at Affordable Animal Compton state that spaying and neutering help control the number of cats in the neighborhood and allow them to live much longer by avoiding significant illnesses and diseases.Have no inhibitions in asking a plethora of questions about your voiceless buddy to ensure them a long and happy life.  

Tip: Microchip your pet as it is a painless, fast, and safe procedure that would help you keep track of them and save you from the stress of losing your pet.

Litter Box Maintenance

Keep one litter box per cat, as they can get territorial. As long as you keep their litter box clean and use odorless litter, most of them will be too happy to use it.

Regular scooping, scrubbing, and replacement of the litter will maintain hygiene. Keep the litter box in some corner where your cat can access some privacy, prefer the box with a covering. Your cat’s litter box habits can tell a lot about potential health problems. Visit the vet immediately in that case.

Two cats eating wet food.
Two cats eating wet food.

High-Quality Food

Providing your cat with high-quality food means fewer visits to the vet and saves you more money. A vegetarian diet is not for felines. It should be protein-dense; they love fish meat.

You can even opt for canned wet foods as they better meet nutritional requirements. Remember, age and weight matter, so consult your vet before your purchase. They will help you with how often you are supposed to feed them and also guide you to monitor their eating pattern.

Engage in Activities

Cats are natural hunters, and the best way to keep your cat moving is to have many stimulating toys that cater to their curious behavior. Interactive toys will encourage them to be active and maintain their weight, relieve stress, break boredom and enhance your bonding with them. Play comforts them. 

Playtime would depend on their age, weight, and health. Cats are perky, and simple toys like a wool ball or a crumpled paper could also engage them. Get her to chase a feather wand. Involve in a fun-time with your cat during your home hours. 

Tip: Use a clicker for training.

Wrapping Up

Spend lots of time with your cat and help them develop good socializing skills. Welcoming a pet into your life brings great joy. Follow these tips to make a perfect environment for your cat.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

Alice White, a devoted pet lover and writer, has turned her boundless affection for animals into a fulfilling career. Originally dreaming of wildlife, her limited scientific background led her to specialize in animal literature. Now she happily spends her days researching and writing about various creatures, living her dream.

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