Belgian Shepherd: Price, Temperament, Weight, Height

The Belgian Shepherd Dogs have a very difficult temperament. They are very intelligent and loyal to their owner, but at the same time, they are distinguished by independence and independent thinking and can ignore the orders of the owner. It is necessary to work with a pet and instill in it the necessary skills from an early age, otherwise, the behavior of an adult pet will be inadequate and unpredictable – it can run after passing cars, chase and bark cyclists, and rush at strangers.

Groenendael Price, Weight, Height, Coat, and Other Info

Name: Belgian Shepherd
Other names: Belgian Sheepdog, Chien de Berger Belge, Groenendael
Country of origin: Belgium
Size Type: Large Breed Dogs
Group: Herding dog breeds
Life span: 10 – 14 years
Temperament: Powerful, Dominant, Loyal, Active, Gentle, Intelligent
Height: Females: 56-62 cm; Males: 60-66 cm
Weight: Females: 20-25 kg; Males: 25-30 kg
Color: Black
Price of puppies: $800-$3,000 USD
Hypoallergenic: No

Groenendael Information

Belgian Shepherd. Average cost: $1,900 USD

The Groenendael should be athletic, strong, graceful, and balanced in appearance. It should look natural as it was never intended specifically for the show. The coat should be thick but never interfere with the working ability of the dog. The color of the coat should be black, small white spots on the chest are allowed. During the demonstration, the owner should not force it to take the desired position. Ideally, the guide should not touch the dog at all.

The body of this breed is very powerful, but not bulky. The length of the body, which is measured from the shoulders to the end of the rump, is approximately equal to the height of the dog at the withers. In females, the body length may be slightly higher than the height.

Belgian Shepherd puppy

Groenendael Temperament

The Groenendael is a very intelligent, active, loyal, and gentle dog. This breed is not meant for people with a callous heart. Either way, the owner of this dog should be energetic, take the time, and demonstrate confidence and love for their pet. These dogs are wonderful companions for humans. The training and socialization of the dog are imperative. Very suspicious of strangers, brave and fearless. They love children very much, throughout childhood. Groenendaels are very attached to people and cannot live on the street or in a dog kennel. These dogs need to spend time with their family members every day, and when left for a long time, they show extreme excitement and longing.

Types of Belgian Shepherd

  • Malinois (shorthair)
  • Tervuren (long-haired)
  • Groenendael (longhaired)
  • Laekenois (wire-haired)

Pros and Cons of Owning a Belgian Shepherd


  • An unrealistically positive and very intelligent dog;
  • Malinois are very fond of children;
  • Unpretentious to the environment;
  • Has excellent health;
  • Minimal care;
  • Excellent trainable.


  • The Belgian Shepherd is hyperactive, so you need to exercise a lot and constantly, or its energy will cause inconvenience – whining, barking, it can even howl and spread the room where it lives;
  • If this is your first dog, then it is best to contact an experienced trainer;
  • During periods of seasonal shedding, it requires constant combing of the coat;
  • Due to hyperactivity, it is often injured.
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