Border Collie Dog Breed: Appearance

Finding a dog that is smarter than the border collie is simply unrealistic. And the unusual color of the coat and eyes makes these dogs extraordinarily beautiful and interesting in appearance.

Border Collie Breed: Characteristics

The appearance of the border collie as nothing better characterizes their freedom-loving nature and love of freedom. A slightly disheveled coat, a spotted uneven color, an elongated muzzle with unusually intelligent and kind eyes, a strong body with long and strong legs – they are not handsome, but they do not claim this title either. The attractiveness of this breed is not in external data, but in what they have inside.

Maximum Height

According to the standard, the weight of an adult Border Collie dog varies between 50-53 cm. In females, the growth is slightly lower: from 47 to 52 cm.


The maximum weight of a healthy adult dog should not exceed 20 kg. The minimum limit of the norm is considered to be an indicator of 15 kg.


Priority colors for border collies are black and chocolate with white tan. Particularly interesting is the color called “merle” – blue or marble. White markings in dogs can be located on the chest, tail, paws, and have a speckled color. If a dog has a dominant white coat color in a competition it will be considered a disqualification mark.


Collies can be both long-haired and smooth-haired. The undercoat is very soft and springy, protecting the dog from cold and moisture.

Ears, Tail

The ears of border collies are set quite wide apart, they can either stand or be in a semi-standing position. The tail is fluffy, resembling a saber in appearance. If the dog is excited or interested in something, he can rise above the level of the back.

Interesting! For participation in dog shows, apart from the peculiarities of color, no other requirements are set. They can only refuse to accept a dog that is too cowardly or, on the contrary, aggressive.

Border Collie Puppy: Characteristics

Going to the nursery for a border collie puppy, you need to know that it is better to refuse to choose too sluggish and uninterested in anything. You need to pay attention to the condition of the auricles (they must be clean, without traces of insect bites) and the nose – it must be dry. The breeder must request medical documentation, which must contain information about vaccinations.

Important! Those who want to get not only smart but also a beautiful show dog need to contact elite kennels. But it is worth preparing for the fact that the price for such a reference baby will be 2 or even 3 times higher.


Border Collie puppies grow very quickly. In literally 3 months, a newborn baby turns into a fluffy handsome – puppy, pleasing its new owners with its games and pranks. At about this age, the puppies are given to a new home.


In a month, the weight of a puppy can approach the 5 kg mark. By the age of three months, the baby can gain from 6 to 8 kg. By the age of half a year, the bodyweight of a growing border will exceed 10 kg. The puppy will reach the weight standards by 12 months.

Color, Coat

From birth, it is noticeable by the puppy what color it will be. As it grows, only the spots appear more clearly and the locations of the spots are indicated. Puppy fluff disappears by 3-4 months of age.

Ears, Tail

Neither the ears nor the tail of a Border Collie puppy is docked. The ears can stand up as the baby grows up or remain in a semi-erect state.

The life expectancy of hardworking boarders varies between 13-15 years. In most cases, these dogs are in excellent health and die of old age, but owners still need to carefully look after their pets so that their life is extended to the maximum.

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