Border Collie: Training

The mental ability of the Border Collie cannot be overemphasized. The intelligence of these dogs, the very knowledge of its level, cannot leave the owner of the “genius dog” indifferent. What can we say about the desire to teach a pet to perform not just the usual average commands, but to expand and complicate the task, especially since the border collie is on the shoulder? The only thing that can get in the way of such good intentions is not knowing the rules of border collie training.

Basic Rules for Successful Border Collie Training

Please note that this material is purely advisory in nature, this is not an instruction manual for the breed.

Define a set of commands you want to teach your dog and organize them logically. You cannot start teaching the dog the ability to “sit” if he is not already familiar with the command “sit”. Professionals recommend compulsory study for this breed of instructions “lie down” and “freeze”. It’s all about the shepherd’s instincts of the Border Collie. Having gone into a rage, the dog may try to drive the people around him into the herd. “Freeze” or “lie down” will quickly curtail this venture and return the dog to the state of “waiting”.

The command must have one specific name. If it is “lying”, then always say the command in this form. Do not confuse the dog with the same root words like “lie down”. Although the border collie is incredibly smart, we teach the dog to command, and not the inflection of verbs, the dog can get confused and stop following the command altogether.

By the way! Border Collies respond well to sound signals. For example whistles or interjections. In this regard, they are polyglots.

Train your dog to execute the command the first time. Otherwise, you will have to recite it several times each time. After giving the instructions, do not lose eye contact with the dog, let’s understand that you expect immediate action from it.

Reward the dog with a treat and praise, but only after the correct execution of the command, and not for execution. Otherwise, you will not achieve performance, and the pet will begin to suffer from obesity.

IMPORTANT! The delicacy should be gradually removed as a reward for performance, maximum praise, and affection.

Teach commands regularly, even on a scheduled basis. This will discipline the dog and you, and you will achieve the result much faster with a systematic approach.

Do not train your dog for too long and persistently. Border Collies digest everything that happens with their heads, so they get tired quickly. 15 minutes of classes per walk is quite enough. You should not focus on just one skill during training, 5 minutes is the maximum time for working on one team. Change them every 3-5 minutes.

The final stage of your workout should be positive. Ask the dog to do what he already does, praise. Such an end will please the Border Collie and the dog will look forward to the next training session with joy.

What Can You Teach Your Border Collie

Thanks to remarkable intelligence, the Border Collie can master the most difficult tasks. Many people remember a video from 10 years ago, where shepherds installed a ping-pong game with the help of several border collies and flocks of sheep.

One of the obligatory skills of the breed, which is tested at shows, is disc catching. In this case, the disc is thrown at different distances, the dog must be able to catch the disc in the air at any distance. In addition, it is an exciting game and excellent physical activity for the dog.

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