Border Collie: Dog Breed Size

The Border Collie, like any recognized breed, has its own standards, including in terms of size and proportion.

Sizes of Border Collies

According to the FCI, the following standards are defined for the breed:


Males from 47 to 55 cm, ideal – 53 cm. Females from 45 to 52 cm.


For the Border Collie breed, the weight is in the range of 13-22 kg.


The shape of the skull is slightly flattened, wide, without a prominent occipital protuberance. The proportions of the length of the skull and muzzle are approximately equal, the muzzle is strongly narrowed and straight.


The body of the Border Collie is athletic, the body length exceeds the height of the legs.

Any significant deviations from the norm are regarded as a defect, such a dog is not allowed to show.

Border Collie Puppy Sizes

Choosing a puppy is an important and crucial moment. In addition to being friendly and cute, there are some physical parameters that need to be considered that will help determine a dog’s potential health. The fact is that some genetic diseases appear only by the age of six months, and by identifying hints of them, some difficulties can be immediately avoided.

For example, dysplasia manifests itself only over time, but the first signs will already be in a 3-4-month-old puppy. If the hind legs are not strong enough, they are slightly crooked, usually with the letter X inward, then this may indicate developing dysplasia.

Button disease provokes disruptions in the growth sequence. Bone growth can outpace muscle build-up. Such anomalies will be noticeable at an early age only to a specialist. However, some factors can prompt an inexperienced owner to identify possible defects:

  • at 2 months of age, the puppy has a harmony of the height of the paws and the length of the body;
  • an even back should not have any humps or deflections;
  • the puppy’s paws should be strong and even;
  • lack of bald patches;
  • clear eyes, not cloudy, no discharge, like ears.
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