Breed Review: Affenpinscher (17 Pics)

#10 Among the first habits that an Affenpinscher puppy should develop is following a daily routine.

Immediately after moving out of the kennel, train your dog to come up to eat at a specific time, showing your baby how to take a bowl and how to prepare a meal for him. The ability to take food politely is also not formed immediately. Be sure to teach your puppy not to jump on you when carrying lunch. Yes, affen is not a Boerboel and will not knock him down, but he has enough strength to "help" to spill the food.

#11 Experienced breeders recommend not to be impressed by the “toy” breed and to treat the Affenpinscher as if in front of you is an average dog.

There should not be any lisps and tears of affection either, otherwise, the dog will quickly figure out how to use this. It is best to practice useful skills in a playful way. Affenpinscher quickly gets carried away with new activities and just as rapidly loses interest in it, so divide the lesson into short five-minutes, between which there are long pauses.

#12 It is recommended to select a place for training with a minimum of distractions.

For example, it is more convenient to conduct the first lessons in a room, access to which will be closed for other animals and family members. Attempts to train a young affen outdoors, as a rule, fail. Concentrating on the requirements of a person when there are so many seductive smells and sounds around is a task that is impossible for a puppy. It is better to stimulate the animal to further academic success with the method of positive reinforcement. What exactly will act in this role - a delicacy or a weasel - each owner decides for himself.

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