Breed Review: Affenpinscher (17 Pics)

#13 It is more difficult to form an affenpinscher’s system of prohibitions.

Instead of tasty treats, you will have to connect light negativity so that the dog learns to catch the connection between your discontent and his own actions. At the same time, sudden attacks of the puppy should be corrected by intonation or by depriving him of communication, but not by shouting and physical influence. In particular, a properly trained Affenpinscher should not grab the guests' legs, tear balls from a person's hands with his teeth, bite his fingers, or wage a war with a vacuum cleaner in attempts to break a hose.

#14 You will also have to work hard to develop the skill of using the tray.

In order for the puppy to learn the difference between living space and indoor toilets, it is recommended to put the baby in a cage several times during the day. The pet perceives the space limiter as a resting place, so it will not leave puddles in it. After sitting in the enclosure (no more than half an hour), it is recommended to accompany the dog to the litter box.

#15 An inquisitive and reactive Affenpinscher does not need a spacious apartment – an average apartment is enough for him, in which there is enough space for his bowl and couch, as well as for the owner’s sofa.

The breed also does not require specific adaptations, except perhaps for an indoor aviary, which is necessary for those cases when the puppy will have to be completely alone. But Affen really needs toys: at a young age - for the development and working out of teams, at a mature age - for relaxation.

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