Breed Review: Alaskan Klee Kai (20 Pics)

Alaskan Klee Kai is a young breed of dog that was conceived as a mini husky and inherited many of its traits. However, the content of the Alaskan Klikai and Husky has significant differences.

#1 In the mid-1970s, Mrs. Linda S. Spurlin and her husband went to visit relatives in Oklahoma.

She did not yet know that this journey would be the beginning of a new breed of dog - the Alaskan Klee Kai.

Among the various dogs that lived in that house was a small gray and white husky named ‘Curious’. The nickname can be translated as Curious, and when Linda asked why she was called that, if they said that the dog was abnormally small for a husky, which arouses curiosity.

#2 Intrigued, she asked for a dog to her, and her friends gladly did it.

After this little furball got to her home, Linda noticed that natural elegance and undeniable resemblance to a large husky attracts the attention of all dog lovers.

Sometimes they even looked into the windows of her car to get a better look at the dog. Linda recalls an incident when she came to a popular restaurant but soon noticed that the places around her were empty.

It turned out that the visitors were gathered at the window through which her dog was visible, waiting for the owner. The uniqueness and ability to captivate people convinced Mrs. Spurlin that she was obliged to create a new breed.

#3 After asking about Curious’s story, she learned that her parents were a small mongrel dog and a husky living in a friend’s house.

It was the result of a natural, random mutation, and it could be difficult to reproduce it. By the way, her friends also realized the promise of such a breed and started their own breeding program.

However, Linda had an advantage, as she chose only the best dogs for her program, and there was no such choice in her family of friends.

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