Breed Review: American Bulldog (18 Pics)

The American Bulldog (Ambul) is a noble combination of independence, strength, and confidence in one’s own splendor. Representatives of this breed are impeccably built and are distinguished by developed muscles. The appearance of the dog is unlikely to cause a desire to get to know better. If it doesn’t matter to you, go for it! The American Bulldog will become the best friend of a responsible and self-confident person who knows how to stand his ground and does not give in to difficult situations.

#1 American Bulldog rightfully earned his honorary “title” – Bulldog Bulldogs.

The breed is unique in that its representatives managed to preserve the original characteristics and appearance from the 15th century to our time. For the first time, Bulldogs appeared on the lands of England, where they were bred from Molossian dogs to organize fights with bulls. Then the dogs cost their owners a tidy sum since their courage and remarkable strength determined the outcome of the fight with cattle. The offspring of champion ambulances, who had repeatedly won in a fierce battle, were especially appreciated.

#2 The value of the breed was also explained by the ability of its representatives to endure any pain.

Breeders often held demonstration "performances" during which they brought the dogs to a state of bestial rage and demonstrated their endurance. Such ideas had a sad outcome: often American Bulldog died, but this did not diminish either the popularity of the breed or the amount that buyers were willing to pay for the future champion.

#3 American Bulldogs were used as animals for bloody games until the early 19th century.

After the signing of the law, which prohibited bull-baiting and dogfighting, the price of American Bulldogs dropped sharply. Bulldogs were forced to be kept in the yard since their cruelty and indomitable disposition often posed a danger even for the owner. They forgot about the breed for a while, because it did not differ in anything other than endurance: neither cute appearance, nor complaisance, nor other characteristics.

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