Breed Review: American Curl (17 Pics)

The American Curl is a breed of affectionate companion cats with rolled back ears, bred in the United States in the 80s of the last century.

#1 The American Curl exists in two distinct types – shorthaired and semi-longhaired.

Despite the fact that the standard considers both varieties to be equal, breeders around the world continue to favor semi-long-haired curls as more glamorous and photogenic pets.

#2 American Curls are affectionate, courteous intellectuals who are remembered for their extraordinary image and fantastic sense of affection for humans.

Moderately balanced, but far from phlegmatic, they masterly break any stereotypes regarding the cat tribe. Independence, stubborn unwillingness to share territory and owner with other pets, passion for solitude - all this is not at all about Curls, who consider such habits to be the height of bad manners. It will not be an exaggeration to say that this is one of the most positive breeds, whose representatives desperately do not want to grow up, therefore, in their ten years old, the "double-eared" Kotofei are as playful and easy-going as in their youth.

#3 American Curls are cute creatures with an extraordinary appearance and an angelic character that you just want to cuddle in your arms.

Unlike most other representatives of the purring fraternity, they are completely devoid of arrogance and militant independence and are truly attached to a person. You don't have to take any special action to get along with the American Curl. This eared loves the owner by default, but in turn, expects from him the same manifestation of feelings. Most American Curls are sociable, curious cats who prefer to spend their leisure time in the company of a person. They will willingly sit with you on the Internet, adjusting the movements of a computer mouse with a fluffy foot, help to tie (or untie) another napkin, or simply lie on the couch at your feet. However, do not confuse the desire for close physical and emotional contact with obsession, which is absolutely not characteristic of Curls.

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