Breed Review: American Bobtail (14 Pics)

The American Bobtail is a friendly, loving, affectionate, and exuding feline. The main feature is a short as if chopped off the tail.

#1 American Bobtail – a breed of short-tailed cats

It gives the impression of a wild animal, which contrasts sharply with its absolutely non-aggressive, good-natured character. Cats of this breed are muscular, strong, usually of medium size, but there are also quite large individuals.

#2 American Bobtails are intelligent and human-loving pets.

The breed is divided into long-haired and short-haired.

#3 The American Bobtail is a fairly young breed, the ancestor was discovered in 1965.

It happened like this: a married couple Sanders found an abandoned kitten near the Indian reservation in the state of Southern Arizona.

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