Breed Review: Bull Terrier (17 Pics)

Bull Terrier is a breed that can be described in two words: “explosive mixture”. With the wrong upbringing, the good-natured disposition of the animal will give way to the ancient instincts of struggle, which, along with a developed intellect, will cause many troubles. When making a choice in favor of a bull terrier, you should soberly assess your strength and strength of character – the necessary conditions for the competent socialization of the dog. However, having taken the place of alpha in the “pack”, you will become the happy owner of a loyal pet, which will give you full love and attention. This athlete will be happy to join the family morning jog or an active game of football.

#1 The history of bull terriers goes back to the Middle Ages and its “bloody sweepstakes” – merciless battles of animals with each other.

The thirst for easy money united the poor and the nobility: bets on the winner reached dizzying heights. This cruel entertainment gained particular popularity in England, where it was considered a national sport until the 19th century.

#2 The baiting of bulls by dogs was universally recognized. The first bloodthirsty show held in Stamford dates back to 1209.

At the same time, the organizers realized: for a fight with a bull, undersized breeds are the best suited, which can imperceptibly go around the animal and grab its unprotected nose with fangs. The dogs did not open their jaws even at the moment when the bull, distraught with pain, threw its head up. Animals showed no less assertiveness in battles with wild boars and bears.

#3 The popularity of cruel entertainment grew every year.

Even the most rundown English village could boast of the presence of a fighting pit, in which the blood of more than one animal was shed every day. The most furious, fast, and strong dogs were released into the arena, otherwise, the show was not spectacular and bright. Many were ready to give a tidy sum for a particularly embittered medium-sized specimen: his victory would have more than recouped the costs and allowed the owner to enrich himself. Thus, the ancestors of American Bulldogs, who were famous for their courage and strength, atypical for dogs, were frequent "guests" of the battles.

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