Breed Review: Ca De Bou (18 Pics)

#16 The breed is territorial, very distrustful of strangers, and can also show aggression towards them.

So, education and socialization are doubly necessary. However, if you give your dog proper attention, he will have a clear understanding of what can and cannot be done, and you will most likely be able to avoid serious problems. However, one should not think that this breed is unbalanced and inadequate, and even dangerous for others, it is not so.

#17 Quite the opposite – they have a calm, friendly character, they are wonderful friends and companions, they normally perceive children.

Simply, a lack of upbringing can lead to negative consequences. They lend themselves well to training, are smart and intelligent, have inner independence, so it is useless to break their character by beatings. Better to become a leader and best friend for the ca-de-bou. The cats of these dogs should be introduced from an early age.

#18 This breed of dogs really needs proper education, behavior correction, and is able to learn both basic and complex commands.

Learning can begin between 6 and 8 months, starting with a playful form and adding variety to the process with various incentives and breaks for fun with toys.

Usually, training starts with simple commands, without distractions, in close contact with the dog, that is, at a distance of up to one meter. Then, the distance is increased, and various distractions, smells of delicious food, other people, etc. are gradually introduced into the process.

Behavior correction includes the forced cancellation of certain actions of an animal, with a voice command, until it learns to respond exclusively to a voice command, regardless of distractions. In the process of teaching, you must be a kind, consistent, and fair leader, strict when necessary, otherwise you will not win respect.

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