All About Birds: Chicken, Hen, or Rooster (18 Pics)

So which was in the beginning – the chicken or the egg? The answer to this question has not been found, but both chickens and eggs are in great demand. The remains of ancient chickens speak of their origin about 2000 years ago.

#1 Asia is considered the homeland of this bird, you can still find wild chickens there, with red plumage, even chickens live in Indochina, Ceylon and India.

#2 A medium-sized bird, weighing from 0.7-5 kg, with plumage from white to red, depending on the breed.

Also in the photo of the chicken, it is noticeable that the males have brighter plumage than the chicken and a large, long tail.

#3 Chickens belong to the pheasant family and the crested order.

All representatives of this species have a beard and a ridge on their heads, they regulate blood flow, being an organ of thermoregulation.

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