Breed Review: Karelian Bear Dog (17 Pics)

By its nature, the Karelian bear dog is a real Laika, serious, responsible and purposeful. This is a hunting breed, and in its work, it has no equal. This explains the popularity of dogs at home. By the way, they are common in Norway, Sweden, and even the UK.

#1 Although the official time of the beginning of the breeding of the Karelian bear dog is called the 19th century, Finland, its ancestors, hunting huskies, lived in these parts long before not only Finland itself appeared, but the first map was drawn up.

After all, just such dogs with erect ears and curled tails lived side by side with humans even during the Ice Age. We can say that this is the oldest form of domestic dogs. They hunted with them, they guarded human dwellings and grazed cattle. But, of course, no specific requirements were imposed on the appearance of the four-legged partners, their working qualities were much more important, therefore the exterior of the breed was formed spontaneously, fixing the most useful signs in itself.

#2 The Karelian Bear Dog, like its wolf ancestor, recognizes the leadership of one person.

No, she will love her whole family, play with children and protect them from any dangers, but she will completely and completely give her devotion to the one and only master, one whose character is stronger than her own. At the same time, the Karelian Bear Dog is a very friendly breed to people, therefore, as a watchdog, it is not very suitable, except that it can warn the owners about uninvited guests with a loud bark.

#3 The hunting instincts of these huskies are very developed, so you should not start this breed if you already have any animals – a black and white hunter can see game in them.

At the same time, the Karelian bear dogs are absolutely fearless, and it is this courage that helps them to fight the most dangerous predator of the north of Eurasia, the bear, many times larger than the dog in both size and weight and emerge victorious from this fight. With an independent character and an outstanding mind, on the hunt, the Karelian Bear Dog cooperates with a person rather than serves him.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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