Breed Review: Mekong Bobtail (15 Pics)

The Mekong Bobtail is an indigenous cat breed from Southeast Asia. The pet has a calm, affectionate disposition and devotion.

#1 The breed has a number of “canine” habits, which attracts many buyers.

Mekong Bobtails are balanced, very sociable, and intelligent cats capable of becoming ideal companions.

#2 The cat becomes attached to the owners, loves communication and tactile contact.

The Mekong Bobtail feels great as a sole pet, at the same time it gets along well with cats and dogs. By virtue of instincts, the bobtail will definitely open up the hunt for a rodent, bird, or fish.

#3 Representatives of the breed get along well with babies and do not show aggression, therefore they are suitable for families with children.

Mekong Bobtails are long-lived. With proper care, cats are able to delight you with their company for a quarter of a century or more, while they retain the ability to reproduce almost until the end of their lives.

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