Why You Can’t Feed Your Dog From Your Table

How you want to give your beloved dog the tastiest morsel during lunch. Moreover, the dog looks so sweet and asks to give her something tasty. Here, the owner, being moved, chooses a treat on his plate – a piece of fried chicken or beef liver, a piece of bread or a cookie – and throws it under the table for his pet. It is not right! Why can’t you feed the dog from your table? This is very bad for pets. The owner brings psychological and physical harm to his dog.

Better Just not to Start …

The bad habit of feeding the dog from his table is usually laid at the very beginning of communication between the owner and his pet – a small puppy. How not to respond to this pleading look of a funny puppy, he so closely observes the owner when he eats. The kid asks for tasty things so sweetly that it is simply impossible to restrain himself. The owner’s heart melts, and he throws a bone or a piece of cookie to the puppy. At the same time, he does not understand that the puppy remembers this moment very well. He was encouraged to beg for food. This means that we must continue to do so. The next time, the same scene will be repeated again. The kid gets pleasure, and he will beg for food every time the owner sits down at the table. The bad habit will now be very difficult to get rid of.

It is not easy to disaccustom a dog to begging for sweets from the owner’s table also because you will first have to convince the owner himself to act differently. It all depends on the person, not on the dog. It is not so easy to withstand the affectionate look of your pet. However, the situation is not hopeless, it only takes a little patience and endurance.

The best way to get rid of this problem is not to start feeding the dog from your table at all. Train the puppy not to interfere with the owner’s meal, not to go into the kitchen during lunch.

The Negative Consequences of a Bad Habit of Feeding Your Dog From Your Table

The habit of throwing your dog food under the table can end up with not very pleasant consequences that many dog owners simply do not know about. What can this be fraught with?

  • Eating Cycle Disorder – The dog must eat at the correct time and in the amount needed to maintain body weight and energy. Feeding the dog from the owner’s table interferes with a clear meal schedule, increasing the risk of pet obesity. The metabolism of the dog’s body is disrupted, it can simply get sick from excess food.
  • The danger of poisoning – a person eats dishes seasoned with various additives, but a dog does not. Food intended for humans can be harmful to the animal. Consequently, it will lead to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and in some cases – to severe poisoning. All this, in the end, will end with a visit to the vet and a waste of money. And this is in addition to the fact that the animal will suffer and suffer.
  • The risk of serious complications – for some reason, it is still believed that bones are common for dogs. Beef, chicken … Throwing a bone under the table to a dog has become a tradition, however, in fact, these bones pose a serious threat to the dog’s health. Sharp and brittle bones can damage the esophagus, stomach, or intestines. Broken bones accumulate in the dog’s stomach for years without passing through the intestines, which can ultimately lead to the death of the animal.
  • Violation of the hierarchy – dogs perceive a person as a member of their pack. A dog that has received a piece of food intended for a human receives a clear message: “The human gave me his food. It’s important for me. Now I’m in charge here! You must be afraid of me. ” Now it is easy to imagine what the consequences of such a psychological attitude will be. The hierarchy in the pack is violated, the dog feels himself in charge in relation to the owner.

In addition, feeding a dog from a human table looks unhygienic. Imagine the reaction of the guests who are invited to dinner. They will have to watch as the owner throws fatty pieces under the table to his dog. On crumbs underfoot, on greasy spots on the floor … In addition, the dog will beg for food not only from the owner but also from the guests, terrorize them with its demand for treats. This does not characterize very well the owner of the dog in front of guests and friends.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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