Breed Review: Norwegian Forest Cat (16 Pics)

#4 In the 19th – first half of the 20th century, these cats were kept as pets by many Norwegian and Swedish families.

In the 1930s, after their triumphant appearance at an international exhibition in Germany, serious work began on the phenotype of the breed, the purpose of which was to preserve the best natural qualities and eliminate unwanted traits. But with the outbreak of World War II, this had to be forgotten, and in the second half of the 40s, the very existence of the Norwegians was threatened due to spontaneous interbreeding with other cats. The situation was brought under control only by the forces of enthusiasts. A special committee was created, which gave permission for breeding only to those owners whose animals met the standard. The efforts of the Norwegian Association of Pedigree Cat Fanciers were rewarded: King Olav V recognized the Skogcatts as the official breed of the country, and in 1977 Pans Truls received the coveted registration with the International Cat Federation (FIFe). By the way, it is he, paired with Pippa Skogpuss, who is considered the ancestor of the modern breed. Born from their union, Pans Silver became the father of 12 litters at once and today is mentioned in almost every pedigree of a purebred Norwegian.

#5 The size of the Norwegian Forest Cat ranges from medium to large.

Like other large breeds, they reach their final maturity quite late - at 4-5 years. Animals seem more massive due to thick wool. The exact indicators of height and weight are not indicated by the WCF breed standards, but experienced breeders say that the norm for an adult is 30-40 cm, weight significantly depends on gender: cats weigh on average 5.5 kg (although graceful 4-kg ladies), and cats reach 6-9 kg.

#6 Speaking about the inner world of the Stogcatts, first of all, it is worth noting that by their temperament they are typical children of Scandinavia.

Balanced, outwardly they rarely show emotions, they prefer not to get involved in conflicts, they treat others kindly, but they do not tolerate violation of the boundaries of personal space - in a word, the character is Nordic.

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