Breed Review: Norwegian Forest Cat (16 Pics)

#13 Looking at the chic fur coat of a Norwegian forest cat, many are sure that with the appearance of such a pet, all their free time will have to be devoted to caring for the fur.

In fact, the situation is completely different. Nature made sure that the thick and long fur does not cause serious trouble for the animal, because in the northern forests one can hardly count on regular visits to grooming salons. The special structure of the undercoat and guard hair prevents felting, so there are no problems with the formation of tangles (as, for example, in Angora and Persian cats). Of course, in spring and autumn, during the period of active molting, it is recommended to thoroughly comb the animal every two days, or even daily. This way you will avoid the formation of additional "carpet" from the fallen wood on all surfaces in the house. The rest of the time, it is enough to take up the special comb once a week.

#14 It should be borne in mind that the process of washing due to the specifics of the wool takes time and patience.

The liquid simply flows off the guard hairs, leaving the undercoat dry, so experienced breeders advise first to rub a special shampoo for oily hair dry, and only then turn on the water. It is likely that you will need more than one soaping, but the conditioner will definitely be superfluous. If the temperature in the room does not threaten the Norwegian Forest Cat with hypothermia, it is better to simply dry it with a towel and wait for the fur coat to dry on its own.

#15 Animals that do not have free access to the outside world should have their claws trimmed every two to three weeks.

With the same frequency, care for the auricles is carried out with the help of cotton swabs and special means.

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