Norwegian Forest Cat: Cat Breed Characteristics

The origin of the Norwegian Forest is shrouded in secrets and legends. According to the Scandinavian myths, it was the Norse forest cat who accompanied the god Thor, and later the Vikings took them with them on ships to catch mice and rats.


By nature, the Norwegian Forest is energetic, perky, and sociable. They have a kind, affectionate disposition, get along well with everyone in the family. They are excellent hunters, and therefore they are characterized by playfulness, curiosity, endurance, and dexterity. They do not trust unfamiliar people, show caution and vigilance. Cats get along well with other pets, even our friends with dogs. Cats of the Norwegian Forest breed are freedom-loving and enjoy spending time outdoors, in the yard. Norwegian forest cats are unique in that they descend from the tree-like squirrels down, in this, they have strong paws, claws, and fearlessness.


Norwegian Forest does not need intensive care and constant attention from the owner. Being in good health, they rarely get sick. Care of the coat requires the most attention. Every week you need to comb out the coat, during the shedding period and when the cold comes with the appearance of a thicker undercoat, more time is spent combing out dead hairs. To stay healthy, Norway requires outdoor walks, even during cold periods. On a monthly basis, you need to bathe people every week to clean their ears and tears.


Cat food should be balanced and enriched with vitamins and minerals. The best solution will be ready-made professional premium and super-premium feed.


According to legend, this cat makes its way through forests and trees, mysteriously appearing and disappearing from sight. Sometimes all you can see is the long, fluffy tail of this magical cat. She knows what is happening to you, even if you yourself are not aware of it. She even knows your innermost thoughts. This beautiful cat with a wonderful unusual tail is the Norwegian Forest Cat.

Armed with a legend as beautiful as the breed itself, breeders in Norway have begun to transform their magical forest cats into a breed that will take worthy show spots. The Norwegian Forest Cat was first presented at a cat show in Norway before World War II.

It took a while for the Norwegian Forest Cat to reach the United States of America, where the Maine Coon, an inhabitant of the local forests, has already managed to conquer the country. With a group of breeders who regularly exhibit the Norwegian Forest Cat, the breed has become famous in the United States of America, where it has a loyal following.

Education and training

Due to its capricious nature, the Norwegian Forest Cat will outrageously reject any attempt at training it. You should not force her, all the more so or by shouting, to follow your commands, otherwise, you risk losing the trust and love of your pet. So get by with a standard litter box, harness, and good manners and just enjoy the company and play with the animal.

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