Buying a Kitten

Buying a kitten is a truly important and exciting event in your life.

A kitten from a shelter or animal rescue organization

Shelters and homeless animal rescue organizations across the country are constantly focused on finding new loving hosts for cats of all breeds and ages. This also applies to kittens. If you are thinking about taking a cat from a shelter, then when looking for and choosing an appropriate cattery you should keep in mind a number of important points.

For example, the condition and appearance of the shelter – it should be clean and warm, and the staff of the nursery should be as interested in your needs as you are in the health of a potential pet. Such an attitude on the part of the shelter staff testifies to the fact that the shelter employees really love and care for their wards, trying to find them the most gentle and caring owners.

Buying a kitten from a breeder

If you decide to purchase a kitten from a pet breeder, you should choose in advance the breed of pet that would be ideal for you and your family. And remember – purebred breeds are never cheap! In addition, when choosing where to buy a kitten, you will have to think about a number of questions in advance.

The first thing you should do is contact the staff of the pedigree cat association who caught your attention. Such organizations, as a rule, have at their disposal a list of animals of the breed you need. In addition, these associations can provide contact details for responsible and reputable breeders operating in your area. In most cases, pedigree kittens can be purchased throughout the year.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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