Do Basset Hounds Shed?

Unlike its French ancestors, today’s Basset Hound is not well suited for life in the yard, so its place is in the house. Special conditions for keeping a dog are not required, so you will have to buy all those household items for it that are for any apartment breed, that is, bed bowls for food and water, toys, a tray, a leash, a collar, and other accessories.

Up to six months, all movements of puppies around the house must be monitored. At this age, the short legs of a Basset Hound are fragile, unstable, and injured even with minor jumps, for example from a sofa. Stairs under 6 months of age are best avoided, or climb and descend with your pet in your arms.

Basset hounds shed in autumn and spring, but this does not mean that combing their short hair is necessary at the same frequency. Massage your pet’s skin and hair follicles with a soft brush, if not daily, then at least a couple of times a week. This, firstly, stimulates blood circulation in the deep layers of the skin, and secondly, it improves the structure of the hair.

As for the dog smell, in Basset Hounds, it appears only when the coat gets wet. Bassetts, which are bathed at least twice a month, also exudes the “scent” of a muton fur coat, but it is usually not too pronounced and does not irritate the sense of smell. By the way, “boys” and individuals with a lot of folds always smell more intense.

In a situation where you want to minimize canine “fragrance”, you can wash the basset hound with tar shampoo or add a little diluted acetic acid to the bath. If the dog carries too nasty “amber” from the dog, there is a possibility that she has caught the fungus or her perianal glands are clogged. The latter happens a lot with basset hounds. Notice that your pet has started to ride the fifth point on the floor? Urgently take him to a specialist to clear the clogged passages, or do the procedure yourself, guided by step-by-step instructions.

The fan-shaped ears of the Basset Hounds need extra attention. Not only that, bathing the dog, you will have to constantly monitor whether water has got into the ear canal, you need to allocate time for daily “inspection” of the ear funnel and airing. Total surveillance of the pet’s face also takes place. Basset hounds are still those slobber, and their manner of lapping is specific (splashes and puddles fountain in all directions), so you will have to watch the dog with a towel willy-nilly. Basset hound eye hygiene is basically rubbing the mucous membrane with herbal infusions (tea, chamomile). Remember to take care of the thick dog’s feet by cleaning them after walking with a damp cloth and clipping the nails about a couple of times a month.

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