Do Shih Tzu Dogs Shed?

Non-shedding and hypoallergenic dogs are more popular today than ever before. Being allergic to dog hair is quite common, so many pet lovers look for non-shedding dog breeds and sometimes pay quite large sums for them. Dog shedding is a big problem for many owners, but it can be a much more difficult situation for people with an allergy.

Despite the fact that no dog is 100% hypoallergenic because they all shed a certain amount of allergens, there are a few breeds that are known to be better suited for people with an allergy.

The Shih Tzu dogs are loyal and friendly and hypoallergenic. The Shih Tzu dogs do not shed and their hair only falls out during combing or grooming. An interesting fact about these dogs is that the name Shih Tzu comes from the word “lion” in Chinese. This ancient dog breed was bred to resemble lions.

Shih Tzu’s greatest treasure is its coat, so it needs special attention. A healthy Shih Tzu’s coat is rough, supple, and cool to the touch. It is represented by two kinds of hair: ground and undercoat. The care for Shih Tzu hair depends on the amount of one or the other kind of hair. The predominance of guard hair makes the coat rough enough; it falls down less and doesn’t shed but splits faster and is less voluminous. If this dog has more fur hair, it sheds faster and falls to the floor, but at the same time, the coat is very voluminous and almost doesn’t split. The best thing is a sufficient amount of ground and fur hair but the complete absence of one or the other type of hair is a deficiency.

Whatever grooming products you use, the basic grooming techniques remain the same. The most important thing is to brush your dog so often so that large tangles never form. Many Shih Tzus shed around the age of ten to twelve months. At this time, the tangles seem to form faster than you can comb them out. Be patient and keep combing; it’s only temporary and usually lasts for three weeks. Once the dog has changed its puppy coat to an adult one, you’ll find it easier to take care of him/her. The frequency of grooming required for an adult dog depends on the type of coat he has, from daily to once a week. Softer coat tangles faster, especially if it is very thick. Dirty coat tangles more often, so try to wash your dog as needed (usually every three to four weeks). Never bathe your dog with a tangled coat. Water tends to “build up” tangles making them almost impossible to remove.

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