Do Shih Tzus Shed?

Shih Tzu coat is their business card and one of the main adornments. At the request of the owner, it can be left long, or trimmed according to the latest dog fashion. But no matter how long the coat is, it will still fall out. In some dogs, this natural process goes unnoticed. For others, molting becomes a nightmare for owners. How is this with the Shih Tzu? Let’s figure it out.

Shih Tzu Shedding

If you “wander” through the pages of numerous Internet forums, you can see an ambiguous picture. Some owners describe their pets as dogs that do not shed. Others at the same time speak of the Shih Tzu as the world’s most shedding animals. What is it really?

Shih Tzu has a double type of coat. The first is a dense fluffy undercoat. The second is a long, harder touch, topcoat. Sometimes it is even compared to humans. The topcoat is straight, without any waves or curls. Like any other known breed, the coat of these pets is renewed. However, how exactly this process will take place depends on various factors.

So, if the dog is healthy and well-groomed, molting will not cause any inconvenience to it or to members of its human family. Passing in season, it will be invisible, subject to regular combing. The process will have a positive effect on the availability of suitable nutrition, the intake of a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. The kind of shampoo you use can also impact the shedding.

Important! Abundant shedding may occur in females when the puppies are breastfeeding.

If the pet does not receive the necessary attention from its owner, then its fur will spill out in clumps. Lack of combing, unbalanced diet, neglect of hygiene – all this will affect the quality and health of the dog’s coat.

Therefore, we can safely conclude that the intensity of the Shih Tzu molt directly depends on the conditions in which the dog is. A caring owner has a pet always fluffy and healthy.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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